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newspapers are paying the price for having long ago divorced the cost of their content from the value readers place upon it.”

Ben Thompson

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"remarkable books that belong on paper"

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Newspapers may be screwed, but we can’t start fixing news until we understand what we’re trying to save, and what is simply a relic.

- Ben Thompson

Nothing bad happens to a writer. Everything is material.

worth the wait

Back when so much new information came in monthly magazines, the articles we read had all been written at least two months ago.  (And then, probably sat on the coffee table for a couple more months.)

Today, when most articles are published online the minute the writer is done, I still find that most articles worth reading in the first place will be just as worthy a couple months from now.

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the semicolon’s breezy informality captures the unstructured, colloquial nature of digital correspondence

- Matthew Kassel

image For those of us whose thoughts digress; for whom unexpected juxtapositions are exhilarating rather than tiresome; who aim, if always inadequately, to convey life’s experience in some semblance of its complexity — for such writers, the semi-colon is invaluable.

- Claire Messud

Was she the most influential translator of her time?